Where in the World is Rene?

The weblog of an American Peace Corps Volunteer in Macedonia


I suppose that since this is the christening of my blog a few background details are in order (if anyone should find this bio interesting, please forward pass it along to be vetted by the producers of Survivor-Thanks!)

So let’s play the little about me icebreaker first; I am 26, I am from Arizona and I am currently very excited to begin working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Macedonia. Officially, my job title is NGO Advisor and although I don’t yet know what this means I am positive that the experience will be fruitful and rewarding. So my lil blog here is meant to be my way of keeping in touch with the important folks back home and to let them know where in the world I am and what I am doing. I hope to include many, many stories and photos to keep you updated (and delighted!) with all of my adventures.

Legal Fun: This blog chronicles Rene’s adventures as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Macedonia. The contents of this Web site are hers personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. Government or the Peace Corps.



  Heather wrote @


  Barbara wrote @

So you finally made it! yay it’s about time…keep me posted on how you are doing bc checking on here will make me feel like a stalker. 🙂

  giillian wrote @

i am glad you clarified you are an AMERICAN PCV…I could have sworn you were Mexican….xoxoxo

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